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An online education platform for female athletes.

We reference Dr Megan often


As a coach I can feel helpless at times when I know my athletes are struggling with their mental health. We did the Sport Psychology course as a team and WOW! Not only does my team have more tools but I as a coach have more tools. 10/10 would recommend. We reference Dr Megan often in practice and at meets.

This hit the sweet spot!


I didn't know if my daughter would watch these on her own but SHE DID !! The mix of GIFs and pop culture really hit the sweet spot for her. Excellent way to deliver educational messages for female athletes!!

Thank you!


What can I say?? THANK YOU! My daughter has been struggling with her confidence and we obviously wanted to help her but had no clue where to begin. She is visibly more confident, she talks to her teammates about THEIR confidence now too!

It will help me thrive


I have applied the information that I learned in my daily life because it will help me thrive better and be a better person! :)

It's been helpful to see what she's learning


We bought the whole bundle and not only has my daughter enjoyed it but I have sat in on some of the sessions with her and it's been helpful to see what she's learning (and see how I can apply some of these things in my life to set a good example for her). Love it!

Our best team experience


As a coach I can confidently say this is the best thing we've done as a team. Each of the athletes on my team were vocal and engaged throughout the entire course. We would do this again in a heartbeat!

I've been writing in my Confidence Journal


I have been writing in a confidence journal since Coach Christen recommended it and I can't wait to look at it before my next competition to remind myself of all the hard work I've done. I am also believing my truths more when I tell myself them.

Team full of leaders


I noticed a shift in our team starting about halfway through our course experience. They show up to games with more confidence and integrity and I couldn't be more proud!

I walk around confident


I walk around confident and saying my truths. I now use Coach Christen's advice to focus on the few steps ahead of me and learn to value the important things in life.

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Module 1/8

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Module 1/8

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Each Course Includes:

  • Eight in-depth video modules

  • Lessons from world class experts

  • REAL advice for teenage girl athletes

  • Group Discussions

  • PDF worksheets

  • Bonus videos


  • Who is the Lead Sports Academy for?

    The Lead Academy is for female athletes.

  • What is included in each course?

    All of the Lead Academy courses are made up of 8 modules ranging from 8-18 minutes per module. Each module also has additional bonus videos, downloadable notes (PDF's), quizzes and more.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our courses are a flat fee of $189 and that gets you 8 modules and on-demand learning. You have lifetime access to your courses after purchase.

  • Who are the Lead Academy instructors?

    All of the Lead Academy instructors are world-class professionals in their course topic. Confidence Coach Christen Shefchunas leads the Confidence Course. Leadership Consultant Toni Armstrong teaches the Leadership Course. Dr. Megan Cannon is the Sports Psychology instructor. Jennifer Brunelli is our Nutritionist and Dr. Meeta Mohindra is our sleep instructor.

  • When will the next course become available?

    Buckle up! With Confidence, Leadership and Sport Psychology already out, we have many more courses on the horizon. Nutrition will be available in March and Sleep Education will be launching by summer 2021 with more to come!